To any new members: Welcome!

Thanks for putting this site together. (please disregard spelling in my posts, not my concern).
I love backcountry skiing. I used to ski to school, sidewalks and through the woods. Maybe I was the only one doing that?
I'm hoping to visit Idaho soon. Maybe move there. Who knows.

I've done a few tours to some of the 10th Mt. Huts in Colorado. But, it's been a minute.

Love to get out that part of the country some more.


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So grateful to IPAC and our instructors (including Powder Panda) for the Ivy 1 training. Looking forward to learning from this community!
YaY Ollie!!!!

Just completed Avy 1 with IPAC. Looking to learn and get out there :)
What Up Darb's!!

Welcome to the board Gent's.. Always reach out if ya need something. Some times I takes me a bit to get on here. So you can send me a message on the IG as well.

Morning, ya’ll! I’m just getting back into touring after years away from the INW area. I’m based in Spokane Valley and I ski instruct at Silver MT 5 days a week. Would love to link up with some of ya’ll when you’re out there and do some side country and some of the more adventurous lines to town once the pack stabilizes and deepens a little more
if you see a red onesie and a red 3 ninjas looking helmet that’s me. Glad to be part of the forum!
As a 29-year-old snowboarder, I have a deep connection to the mountains that has been with me since childhood. I was born in Jackson, Wyoming and grew up in Alaska. While my family spent my first six years in Kellogg, Idaho, we eventually moved to a remote area in Alaska where I discovered the thrill of snowboarding.

I started as a skier and joined the "out-of-bounds" club at the age of six. But when I turned 13, I made the switch to snowboarding and never looked back. Over the past 16 years, I've devoted myself to this amazing sport, constantly pushing myself to improve and explore new terrain. Now, I'm ready to take my snowboarding to the next level and explore the backcountry.

That's why I joined this forum - to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion for snowboarding and to learn more about the area. Whether it's finding the best spots to ride or learning about backcountry safety, I'm eager to expand my knowledge and connect with others who share my love of the mountains.