Split Custom Splitboard Building Services - Boardworks Tech Shop

Hey Y'all,

I just wanted to give all the splitters / snowboarders here a heads-up that we just opened up our availability for spring / summer custom splitboard builds at Boardworks Tech Shop.

For those of you that aren't familiar with our services, we can take just about any snowboard and make it into a splitboard. This can be an awesome way to get into splitboarding for a more affordable price, or add that shape to the split quiver that doesn't exist in split form.

Here is a link to our split build services if you would like to learn more. Also please feel free to post up here or reach out to the shop if you have any questions.

Hope y'all have been having a good season!


Please show your local snowboard shops some love too. I only post this here because I know we are one of the only shops that offer this service. If you need a factory split, check your locally owned and operated shop first.